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gettin in the zone for my irish lit class that starts next week
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What cuties <3

me: are there any spirits listening
ouija: yes are you alone
me: yes
ouija: haha nice whats up :P
me: trying to contact my dead grandmother
ouija: cool cool so what would u be doing if i was alive right now lol

“everyone has their off days” I tell myself 15 days in a row

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On some real stuff though! Yes women in Delhi are saying what NEEDS to be said!
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Birthday book haul pt.1
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Dublin is so weird.
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Penguin truck!!


Fun fact: the more you use gender-neutral pronouns, the less sexist you become.

Really. There’s studies done on languages and countries who predominantly use gender-neutral pronouns and how it correlates to overall happiness between genders. Gender-neutral languages are the happiness. Hmm. Less sexism sounds great.

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Dorothée Maziers
From Autoportraits
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Siobhan Bell
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Alex Prager